New MOTUS silent retrofit system with 100% optical sensors last generation without contact !

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Silencieux Chavanne Play your piano without disturbing your neighbors!   

After 3 years of research and development in-house, we offer our new optical silent with unique features on the market!

In fact, our system is much more than just silent, it features 128 high quality sounds to standard GM (General Midi) or a real handy orchestra to express your creativity through the sequencer and map integrated memory. We use a 24-bit high-end 192 kHz PCM1739 converter from Texas Instruments that brings an extraordinary acoustic realism.

This record will give you an idea of the quality of the piano and the accompanying instruments available to listen imperatively with stereo headphones to enjoy excellent stereo spacialisation.

We can of course adapt it on all pianos that we sell, new or used. Finally, if you already have an upright or grand piano and you want to retrofit our system, silencer MOTUS can be easily installed by the piano tuner or pianos store the nearest from your home.



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Latest generation technology using optical reflection !

Our new ultra flats opticals sensors 3.5mm only are  like a revolution for silent systems installers, easy and quick to install, they allow installation on all types of pianos. Most adaptable silent systems on the market are equipped with old generation sensors, it is a mechanical levers and springs under the keyboard, unreliable over time and very imprecise because the lever is not attached to the key and causes "misfire" at high speed repetition, in addition, the spring of the lever increases the key weight, this problem persists even when you play your piano in acoustic mode, since the mechanical spring is placed permanently under your keyboard.

One only technology is reliable to date, this is technology with 100% non-contact optical sensors that we use on our Motus silencer and this one is found on major Japanese brands in factory installation. No leverage, no spring, the reflective sensors analyze with great accuracy the speed of the keys to calculate the dynamic, without any physical contact with the key.


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128 GM sounds

   The internal bank has 128 GM and 58 percussion sounds, you can see the impressive range of available instruments in consulting the detailed list. Of course we favored when allocating memory the sound of the grand piano is a Steinway D concert grand piano sampled with great care, but we have also focused on other important instruments, the sound of panpipes is such an amazing realism that joined the flutist of breath attack.


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Very precise level adjustments

You can change yourself if you like keyboard dynamics settings by adjusting the parameters of the "pianissimo" to "forte".


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The sound bank can be changed !

We offer several concert pianos we recorded, Steinway, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli ... etc. You can download these sounds banks on our website and make a sound update via SD memory card. Silent Motus is the only one in the world with this type of function ...

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Unlimited sequencer on SD memory card, unique on the market!

You record directly on the memory card standard Midi files compatible PC Windows and MAC OS format. You can store as many songs as you want without erasing with automatic numbering sequences, and so archive your work on your computer or email it to your teacher to assess your progress ...

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The "feel" of your piano is perfectly preserved

To make your silent piano, it is necessary to stop the hammer 4 mm before it strikes the string, this is achieved thanks to a perfectly rigid blocker operated by the center pedal as you can see in the picture below against. The "touch" of your  piano is much better in this case than when using a traditional mute, since the stopper returns the hammer with the same elasticity than a string. Our 100% optical sensors without lever or spring have therefore strictly no impact on the feel of your piano.




MIDI: Connection to all standard MIDI instruments, sound modules, samplers, synthesizers, digital pianos, computers ... etc.
AUDIO OUT: Connect to a hi-fi amp or powered speakers with a 3.5mm mini jack.

PEDAL IN: 1x9 connector to 3 pedals (Forte, Tonale, Soft).

HELMET OUT: 3.5mm headphone jack mini jack, can connect two headsets with splitter.
Helmet provided.
POWER IN: DC 9V 800mA standard.
Supplied 220V adapter.
MEMORY CARD: standard memory card slot for recording and updating.

METRONOME: Integrated, its a real traditional metronome.


Factory option on upright pianos: 800 €
Grand pianos Option: 1,600 €

You have a piano and want to retrofit tit with our silent Motus, the cost of the installation is  € 1,400 for an upright piano and € 1,900 for a grand piano.

Midi files player version with SD card reader for to upgrade old Yamaha Disklaviers with not compatible old floppy drive: 350€
(The Disklavier plays Midi files on the card copied from your PC, with the ability to create folders by style or composer.)

Installation on your piano:

Silent MOTUS can be easily installed by the piano tuner or pianos store the nearest from your home. Do not hesitate to ask them to get in touch with us for the terms available to installers.


Bank pianos: To replace the bank of your Motus, put the downloaded file on your memory card, press "Menu", select "PROG SONS" with the + or - keys, confirm by again pressing "Menu", select the filename using the "<<" and ">>" and finally start the update by confirming the play button ">".

MP3. Recorded on the audio output, it will give you an idea of the quality of the piano (Steinway D bank) as well as accompanying instruments available to listen imperatively with stereo headphones to enjoy excellent spacialisation stereo.

BANK Steinway D. For fans of a clear and bright sound .

IMPERIAL BANK Bösendorfer. The sound is "wooded" in the medium, the power and roundness of bass section is typical to the famous Austrian firm.

BECHSTEIN BANK. Made from the sampling of a grand piano.

FAZIOLI BANK. The bank last sampled from the concert model, the most successful !

BANK PLEYEL 1830. For lovers of historical sounds, we sampled a Pleyel concert of Chopin's time! There is of course a world between this and the superb Fazioli bank, but the experience will make you go back in time with this vintage sound ...


Conversion software. To convert Midi Midi 0 Files 1.



La manufacture de pianos Chavanne

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Store in Toulouse

Our exhibition store is located at the piano factory, you can choose your new piano
or used, but also visit our workshop.

Easy access from the ring road exit number 15, 1 km from the shopping center Auchan

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Shop open from Tuesday to Friday 10H to 19H

Saturday from 10H to 12H and 14H to 19H

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